This network was created to preserve and revive the traditional weaving heritage of local communities. Their textiles are handwoven by six ethnic minority groups in Central Vietnam – Ta Oi, Cotu, Gie Trieng, Bana, E De and Ma – who weave on backstrap looms significantly different from each other. Cloths are patterned by hanging colourful threads vertically to create geometric motifs during weaving which stand out from their dark background. Cotu and Ta Oi also weave beads into the textiles to create unique motifs.


Bana RM1,580.00
Motifs on Bana hand-woven outfit are symmetric shapes that symbolise nature, the universe, their ying-yang perception, earth – sky or daily lives of Bana ethnic minority people. The set includes a short sleeveless shirt and a skirt made from polyester. The main colours on the outfit are black and red which refers to rich soil and love. "All hand-made in Central Vietnam" Size: Top Chest: 92cm Back Length: 48cm Skirt Waist: 106cm Length: 78cm Headband Width: 3cm Length: 97.5cm
Ca Dong RM1,460.00
The traditional costume of Ca Dong ethnic minority people are white or black. The motifs are decorated at the edge of cloths and are created into diamond-shape by red threads. Alternate motifs are bands of black, red and white threads.  Includes 3 pieces: a bib, short shirt and skirt, made from polyester.  "All hand-made in Central Vietnam" Accessories not included   Size: Top Chest: 53cm Back Length: 28cm Front long Bib Width: 19cm Length: 68cm Skirt Waist: 116cm Length: 63cm
Co Tu RM1,880.00
This traditional Co Tu outfit is hand-woven from wool to keep the wearer warm and comfortable. The uniqueness of the outfit is the bead motifs that are woven into each thread to symbolise nature, home-animals, daily life, etc. of the Co Tu people.  "All hand-made in Central Vietnam" Size: Sarong Width: 147cm Length: 158cm Belt 01 Width: 5cm Length: 193cm Belt 02 4.8cm 205.5cm
E De RM1,460.00
E De ethnic minority hand-woven outfits are mainly black, red, yellow and blue. The highest technique of motif decoration on E De cloth is Kteh technique. Kteh is shown on a strip of 5-6cm with two main colors of red and white. Starting from a V shape, E De weavers arrange it to be motifs that symbolise nature, wild animals, etc. Outfit consists of a shirt and a skirt set made from polyester. "All hand-made in Central Vietnam"   Size: Top Chest: 92cm Back Length: 45cm Sarong Waist: 85cm Length: 125cm
Gie Trieng RM1,340.00
Traditional Gie Trieng outfit made from polyester threads that are arranged by the gifted hands of weavers to create bands of red, yellow & white which are stretched along the cloth alternating with a black background. "All hand-made in Central Vietnam" Accessories not included Size: Sarong Width: 144.5cm Length: 124cm Belt 01 Width: 5cm Length: 154cm Belt 02 Width: 5cm Length: 185cm
Ma RM1,580.00
Motifs on Ma ethnic outfits are geometric patterns featuring shapes of seeds, flash of lightning, eyes of tiger, etc. under the arrangement of yellow, blue and red polyester threads & handwoven into cloth. Made from wool. "All hand-made in Central Vietnam" Accessories not included Size: Top Chest: 90cm Back Length: 53cm Sarong Waist: 81cm Length: 154.5cm
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