Tohsang Cotton Village is a collective of design spaces that houses the weaving traditions of the Khongjiam community in Ubon Ratchathani, breathing life into local artisanship and artistry that might otherwise be forgotten. Set on the banks of the Mekong River, this community farms natural cotton which is hand-picked and nurtured into bespoke textiles with the use of traditional floor looms, each with a cultural narrative of their own. Products range from raw yarn to metered fabric, to finished products made for custom orders. Tohsang Cotton Village aims to empower and improve the lives of low-income women weavers, central to their eco-system.

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Set includes Shirt & Wide-legged Pants     Size: Top Chest: 115cm Back Length: 82cm Pants Waist: 83.5cm Length: 108cm
Look 2 RM0.00
Set includes Top, Skort, Belt & Hat   Size: Top Chest: 97.5cm Back Length: 67cm Pants Waist: 75cm Length: 84cm Belt Width: 8.5cm Length: 67cm Hat Free size
Look 3 RM0.00
Set includes Shirt & Pants     Size: Top Chest: 93cm Back Length: 83cm Pants Waist: 73cm Length: 84cm
Look 4 RM0.00
Set includes Shirt & Pants     Size: Top Chest: 101cm Back Length: 69cm Pants Waist: 73cm Length: 107cm
Look 5 RM0.00
Set includes Jacket, Blouse & Pants     Size: Jacket Chest: 96cm Back Length: 80cm Top Chest: 79cm Back Length: 70.5cm Pants Waist: 70.5cm Length: 105.5
Look 6 RM0.00
Set includes Jacket, Sleeveless shirt, Pants & Hat     Size: Jacket Chest: 97cm Back Length: 137cm Top Chest: 75cm Back Length: 57.5cm Pants Waist: 84cm Length: 103cm Belt Width: 5cm Length: 198.5cm Hat Free size
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