This weaving atelier in Kuching, Sarawak houses young weavers and produces both traditional and contemporary textiles by applying the Malay songket or supplementary weft technique. At Tanoti House, a lot of experimentation and innovation takes place. This community continues to push the boundaries to the woven textile, producing unconventional handloomed items such as its Leatherweaves and applying unconventional fibres such as alloys or rattan. Tanoti also works with indigenous artisans in rural and remote communities across Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, producing basketry and beaded products using traditional craft techniques.

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Aisha Abaya RM0.00
Full length abaya and headscarf, entirely handwoven using fine filament silk and Lurex metallic yarns. Size: Free
Arabella Twinset RM0.00
Sleeveless pencil dress coupled with cape. The ensemble was woven on a single warp of fine filament silk, coupled with ikat weft threads, and Lurex shimmery yarns for the supplementary weft patterns. Size: S/M
Aurora Cocktail Set RM0.00
The entire ensemble of silk organza tube dress and cloak was woven on a single warp. Handwoven using fine filament silk and Lurex metallic yarns. The dress is presently unstitched, and we can customise the size of the dress for the buyer. Size: Custom
Bangsawan Black Tie RM0.00
Bow tie and cummerbund set, handwoven using fine filament silk and Lurex metallic yarns. Size: Free
Belle Tiered Prom Dress RM0.00
Luxurious ball dress handwoven using fine filament silk and Lurex metallic yarns, together with leather songket belt. Size: S/M
Ella Frock RM0.00
Sleeveless A-line baby doll dress, woven using fine filament silk warp and Shetland wool. The songket patterns are a contemporary adaptation of traditional Malay motifs of the bamboo shoot. Size: S/M
Jasmine Dress RM0.00
Cocktail dress with handwoven organza silk puffed sleeves. The sleeves are handwoven with partially degummed silk yarns and embellished with songket of Lurex metallic threads and Lurex elastic threads. Size: S/M
Princess Ruffled Scarf RM0.00
White ruffled scarf handwoven in organza silk Size: S/M
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