Myra Widiono, the Fashion Designer of this UNITY IN PALU’E WOVEN collection, always starts with observing aspects of the universal character within the traditional clothes heritage textiles of the archipelago, one of which is the Palu’e woven and their traditional clothes.

With the Design Concept of Unity, Smart, Simplicity and Go Global, she created Fashion Collections by combining the traditional Palu’e Woven, mostly blue black and dark brown as textile base color, red for stripes, and orange, yellow and white for the motifs, with other organic soft-colored textiles, such as ulap doyo , linen, cotton and silk, to give Unity in a fresh tasteful look for the global market.

Proudly, Myra presents the gorgeous, cool and cozy Palu’e Woven Fashion ensembles for Tenun Fashion Week Spring Summer Collection 2022. The Palu’e Woven are used for featuring its Authentic Motifs as well as Sikka’s Motifs. The Woven are Warp-Ikat weaving and mostly colored with natural dyes.

Rumah Rakuji describes itself as a shelter for Indonesian culture, arts and craft. Founded by Myra Widiono, they have partnered with various artisan communities, including those in the remote reaches of the archipelago. Palu’e is a small island accessible by a sea journey of six hours from the coast of Flores in East Indonesia. The island is dominated by a volcano that erupts every 30 years or so, the last time in 2013. This has resulted in some of the population now displaced and living on Flores. This collection features the handwoven ikat textiles of the island, woven by the indigenous artisans on Palu’e as well as some pieces by the former inhabitants of the island now relocated and residing in Nangahore, Flores.

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Palu'e 1 RM910.00
*SOLD* Red Long Skirt of Ulap Doyo Long skirt of red ulap doyo  Sleeveless Top Palu’e Woven Sleeveless top made from Palu’e woven Shawl 01 Palu’e woven shawl type 1. *Accessories not included   Size: Red Long Skirt of Ulap Doyo Chest: 74cm Front Length: 52.5cm Back Length: 108cm  Sleeveless Top Palu’e Woven Chest: 80cm Back Length: 46cm Shawl 01 Width: 26cm Length: 167.5cm
Palu'e 2 RM0.00
Palu’e Woven Pants Pants made from dark brown base and orange motif  Silk Orange 2-Piece Top  Two-piece top made from orange silk, ensemble with a Palu’e shawl type 2. *Accessories not included   Size: Palu’e Woven Pants Waist: 78.5cm Length: 91cm Orange Top (Piece 1) Chest: 67.5cm Back Length: 51cm Orange Top (Piece 2) Chest: 78.5cm Back Length: 25.5cm Palu'e Shawl 02 Width: 30.5cm Length: 154.5cm  
Palu'e 3 RM0.00
Palu’e Woven Midi Skirt Midi skirt made from Palu’e woven  Linen Baby Blue Blouse  Blouse made from baby-blue linen *Accessories not included   Size: Palu’e Woven Midi Skirt Waist: 76.5cm Length: 64cm Baby Blue Blouse Linen Chest: 96cm Back Length: 61cm
Palu'e 4 RM0.00
Sleeveless Dress Sleeveless dress made from Palu’e woven Shawl 03 Palu’e woven shawl type 3. *Accessories not included   Size: Sleeveless Dress Chest: 82cm Back Length: 92.5cm Shawl 03 Width: 28.5cm Length: 103cm
Palu'e 5 RM580.00
*SOLD* Sackdress Sack dress made from village of Mbolaso woven. *Accessories not included   Size: Sackdress Chest: 124cm Back Length: 106cm
Palu'e 6 RM0.00
Midi Skirt Palu’e Woven Midi skirt made with Palu’e woven  Mini Sleeveless Top Palu’e Woven Mini Sleeveless Top in Palu’e woven  Shawl 04 Palu’e woven shawl type 4. *Accessories not included   Size: Midi Skirt Palu’e Woven Waist: 83cm Front Length: 54cm Back Length: 76.5cm Mini Sleeveless Top Palu’e Woven Chest: 102cm Back Length: 42cm Shawl 04 Waist: 29cm Length: 168cm
Palu'e Men 7 RM0.00
Black Pants Black pants made from cotton  Palu'e Woven Long Sleeve Shirt  Long-sleeve shirt made from Palu’e woven Shawl 05 Palu’e woven shawl type 5 *Accessories not included   Size: Black Pants Waist: 72cm Length: 97cm  Long Sleeveless Shirt Palue Woven Chest: 114.5cm Front Length: 69.5cm Back Length: 78.5cm Shawl 05 Width: 27cm Length: 192cm
Palu'e Men 8 RM0.00
Black Pants with 2 Woven Pockets Black pants with pockets decorated with Palu’e woven. Short Sleeveless Shirt with Woven Pockets Black short-sleeves shirt with pockets decorated with Palu’e woven Shawl 06 Palu’e woven shawl type 6   *Accessories not included. Ladies' outfit (in photo) sold separately   Size: Black Pants with 2 Woven Pockets Waist: 69cm Length: 95cm Short Sleeveless Shirt with Woven Pockets Chest: 109.5cm Back Length: 73cm Shawl 06 Width: 28.5cm Length: 169cm
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