Panji Lor Suit Top


Handspun indigo cotton outerwear with hand drawn Panji Lor motif batik which symbolises rice.

White shirt, pants and accessories not included.

Chest: 107cm
Back Length: 62cm

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Biron Coat Dress RM3,320.00
Handspun cotton cloth indigo natural dye from Nila tree (indigofera) with hand drawn batik classic motif. Belt, white top and pants not included. Size: Chest: 134cm Back Length: 133.5cm
Biron Fringe Top with Biron Pants RM4,080.00
Handspun cotton cloth, coloured with indigo natural dye from Nila tree (indigofera) in a hand drawn batik classic motif. Accessories not included. Size: Fringe Top Chest: 92.5cm Back Length: 47cm Pants Waist: 96cm Length: 104cm
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