The hand weaving industry in the Philippine Cordilleras today was popularized by Narda’s along with other enterprises. Along with the other weaving groups existing today, Narda’s maintains back strap weaving for culturally specified purpose fabrics and the upright loom for commercial purposes. The upright loom is adopted by the Cordillerans, or more popularly known as Cordis, from the lowlander Ilocano loom. Narda’s produces proudly Philippine Cordilleran products valued both by a domestic audience and by internationals themselves who considered them to be chic and fashionable heirloom items to own.

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Blazer RM1,580.00
Blazer Pants not included Size Medium
Blazer RM1,095.00
Blue Blazer. Inner Blouse & pants not included. Size Medium
Gown with matching Shawl RM2,480.00
Long Dress with shawl   Size Medium
Vest RM1,130.00
Long vest White shirt and pants not included.   Size Medium  
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