There are 50 weavers among the women of the Katu ethnic group of Houyhoun Village who continue the ancient tradition of weaving on foot-braced, backstrap looms. The weavers use natural dyes to colour their cotton, banana fibre and silk threads, using complementary warp, weft twining, supplementary warp and complex weft twining to create patterns. Complex designs are also made using beads. The community now designs clothes from traditional textiles and will also be collaborating with designer Zoe Armeniades for TENUN Fashion Week.

FB: The Weaving Sisters


Asymmetric Wrap Skirt RM0.00
Katu beaded asymmetric wrap skirt   Size:  Skirt Waist: 80cm Skirt Length: 84cm
Blouse RM0.00
Cotton, hemp, glass beads   Size: Length: 48cm Chest width: 50cm Waist: 48cm
Coat RM0.00
Cotton, hemp, glass beads   Size: Length: 90cm Chest width: 74cm
Corset RM0.00
Top: Katu beaded fabric and Tai Dam silk   Size: Chest: 68cm Back Length: 33.5cm Skirt Waist: 80cm Skirt Length: 84cm
Jacket RM765.00
*SOLD* Cotton, silk, glass beads   Size: Length: 55cm Shoulder width: 44cm Chest: 54cm
Pants RM0.00
Cotton, glass beads, natural dyes. Blouse sold separately.   Size: Length: 84cm Waist: 45-48cm
Sleeveless Dress RM0.00
Cotton, glass beads   Size: Length without fringe: 80cm Length with fringe: 86cm Width: 50cm
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