This collection of songket is handwoven by Hajjah Nortipah and her daughter, part of a community of weavers located in the village of Kampung Pulau Keladi in the state of Pahang. The community strives to preserve the heritage of their handwoven songket passed down from their ancestors. This collection for TENUN is designed by Bill Keith.

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Apple green kaftan worn with dull green lace pants.   Size: Kaftan Chest: 101cm Front Length: 78cm Back Length: 73.5cm Pants Waist: 66cm Length: 119cm
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Skin tone gold beaded corset worn with long red wrap long gown   Size: Corset Chest: 82cm Back Length: 28.5cm Gown Chest: 106cm Back Length: 143.5cm
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Smokey blue overcoat dress worn with fuchsia lace slim pants. Hat and boots not included.   Size: Dress Chest: 131cm Front Length: 85cm Back Length: 82cm Pants Waist: 66cm Length: 108.5cm  
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Smokey mauve pink checkered jacket worn over dull pink beaded lace corset with mauve lace pants.   Size: Jacket Back Length: 104cm Left Sleeve: 42cm Right Sleeve: 42cm Corset Chest: 81cm Back Length: 24.5cm Pants Waist: 69cm Length: 118cm
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Turquoise belted lace kebaya worn with turquoise long flared skirt, green bra and blue feather cloak. Green bra not included.   Size: Kebaya Chest: 98cm Back Length: 58cm Skirt Waist: 67cm Length: 113.5cm Cloak Width: 166cm Length: 45cm Belt 5cm(W) x 79cm(L)  
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Short black bowed dress worn with black fluffy tulle wrap skirt. Boots not included.   Size: Dress Chest: 84cm Back Length: 82cm Skirt Waist: 63cm Left Strap: 73cm Right Strap: 76.5cm Length: 153cm
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