Institut Kraf Negara (IKN, the National Crafts Institute) in Selangor was established to preserve Malaysia’s various craft traditions, passing this on to new generations. IKN’s weaving community consists of young weavers interested to learn how to weave Malay songket and limar, in ways that can produce designs which can keep up with current fashion trends. Featured in this collection are the songket teknik ikat loseng, songket teknik sapuran and songket teknik beragi.

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Set 1 RM6,000.00
  • Beragi woven turban
  • Songket one-shoulder corset top with long sleeve
  • Matching Songket pleated long skirt,woven using Limar technique
Accessories, black top, shoes and bag not included.   Size: Turban 135cm(W)x90cm(L) Corset Chest: 87cm Back Length:43.5cm Skirt Waist: 70cm Length: 106cm
Set 2 RM5,160.00
  • Cocktail Shirt with lace sleeves and back panel
  • Sarong Pareo woven using Ikat Loseng technique
  Size: Chest: 101.5cm Back Length: 73cm Sarong Waist: 104cm Length: 201cm
Set 3 RM5,760.00
  • Songket asymmetrical long blouse with a fitted corset bodice, featuring the Tenun 4 Karat technique
  • Yellow Songket long skirt made using Ikat Pakan technique
Accessories, bag, shoes and black top not included.   Size: Blouse Chest: 88cm Back Length: 160cm Skirt Waist:82cm Length:93cm  
Set 4 RM7,680.00
  • Kemban Songket corset top with front zipper closure, woven with Beragi technique
  • Sarong woven with Beragi technique
  • Shawl woven with Sapuan Loseng technique
  • Turban
Purse, black inner shirt, shoes and accessories not included.   Size: Corset Chest: 90cm Back Length: 162cm Sarong Waist: 70cm Length: 120cm Shawl Width: 50cm Length: 204.5cm Turban Width: 76.5cm Length: 138cm
Set 5 RM4,320.00
  • Asymmetrical dress
  • Loop woven bustier  
  • Songket pareo
Accessories, black shirt, bag & shoes not included.   Size: Dress Bust: 76.5cm Front Length: 197cm Back Length: 92cm Bustier Chest: 92cm Back Length: 23cm Pareo Waist: 107.5cm Length: 103cm
Set 6 RM3,240.00
  • Cocktail Shirt woven with Ikat Paku technique, with lace panel detail on sleeves & back
  • Tie-waist pants
  Size: Shirt Chest: 110cm Back Length: 75.5cm Pants Waist: 127cm Length: 110.5cm
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