Durag Blarak


Inspired by Udeng Blarak, a headband worn by men that represent passion to learn new things. Jacket and pants sold separately.


39.5cm(W) x 59.5cm(L)
Left Strap: 79.5cm
Right Strap: 79cm


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Kang Mas ⅜ Pants RM0.00
Loose straight pants in mid length. Matching jacket and head band sold separately.   Pants Waist: 78cm Length: 66cm  
Sampur Ngarep Jacket RM0.00
Inspired by Sampur, a scarf worn by Tayub dancers to show the aesthetic and the expression of movements. It’s applied at the upper collar towards the front part as Ngarep means “at the front”. Head band and pants sold separately.   Jacket Chest: 93.5cm Back Length: 76cm    
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