De Quarr, in Chiang Mai, headed by Yujarej Somana, collaborates with local artists and communities to create unique products, thus uplifting their well-being and ensuring the continuation of the cultural heritage of these communities. This collection “Chiang Mai Southern” is created in four villages in Chiang Mai’s southern area – Omkoi, Hod, San Patong and Sarapee district: four for dyeing, two for weaving and sewing. This collection, consisting of relaxed wear, is a reflection of ethical fashion and a sustainable supply chain that De Quarr seeks to champion.

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Blazer RM230.00
Blazer only. White top and pants not included.   Size: Chest: 81cm Back Length: 67cm
Cropped Jacket with Skirt RM315.00
Size: Jacket Chest: 149cm Back Length: 55cm Skirt Waist: 58cm Length: 72.5cm
Cropped Jacket with Skirt RM315.00
Bag sold separately Size: Jacket Chest: 144.5cm Length: 55cm Skirt Waist: 69.5cm Length: 82cm
Cross-Body Bag RM230.00
Size: Width: 24cm Length: 4cm Height: 15cm Strap Width: 3.7cm Strap Length: 131cm
Dress with Belt RM315.00
Bag sold separately Size: Dress Chest: 106.5cm Back Length: 118cm Belt Width: 7cm Length: 187.5cm
Dress with Belt RM315.00
Size: Dress Chest: 112cm Back Length: 105.5cm Belt Width: 6.5cm Length: 169.5cm
Dress with Belt RM315.00
Size: Dress Chest: 111cm Back Length: 105cm Belt Width: 6.5cm Length: 167.5cm
Sling Bag RM230.00
Size: Width: 48cm Length: 15cm Height: 35cm Handle Width: 4cm Handle Length: 69cm
Tote Bag RM315.00
Size: Width: 27cm Length: 9cm Height: 20cm Handle Width: 3.75cm Handle Length: 25.5cm
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