Chabatik was established to conserve traditional weaving skills passed down from generation to generation. Chabatik currently works with two groups of weavers, one in Baan Huay Khi Nu and the other in Baan Phu Pha Maan, Khon Kaen province. Chabatik seeks to create designs acceptable to modern community using traditional weaving methods, ultimately striving for innovation while keeping traditions. Their designers have created a special weaving method known as mud-mee son (double ikat) used to create designs fit for modern society without losing their traditional essence. Chabatik are collaborating with Sasiwan Dumrongsiri for this collection.

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Autumn Leaves Scarf RM0.00
Thai silk Ikat scarf. It is a pattern from nature to design a new composition, using local hand-loom.   Size: 56cm (W) x 196cm (L)
Cercle Shawl RM0.00
Double Ikat Thai silk is used to add more design in weaving of the weft yarn by tying up the silk thread in the required pattern design and then weaving with the warp yarn, so it will make a new design, using local hand-loom.   Size: 100cm (W) x 328cm (L)
Covid-19 Scarf RM0.00
Thai silk Ikat scarf. Contemporary pattern, using local hand-loom.   Size: 56xm (W) x 196cm (L)
Mangmum - Cherngsorn Shawl RM0.00
Double Ikat Thai Silk from traditional patterns to combine with contemporary design, using local hand-loom.   Size: 99cm (W) x 243cm (L)
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