The weavers of ASPPUK, based in Lombok and West Sumatra, are women victims of violence, disaster victims, female heads of families and migrant workers. Their textiles are woven in traditional ways, dyed with natural dyes from plants. Some feature recycled materials, such as threads from recycled plastic waste. These weavers participate in preserving local culture and through their economic activities, are able to influence women in these rural communities that there are alternatives to travelling abroad as migrant workers. By supporting these weavers through their products, one contributes to culture preservation, the strengthening of the capacity of women at the grassroots and helping to care for the environment. For this collection, ASPPUK is collaborating with designers Merdi Sihombing and Risza Novianty Sao Sao.

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Dress RM610.00
Long sleeveless dress with back slit. Motif: Polos Color: Green Outerwear jacket sold separately.   Size: Chest: 85cm Back Length: 143cm
Wrap Dress RM650.00
Short wrap dress with bow detail. Motif: Kupu Kupu Color: Brown Accessories not included Size: Chest: 90cm Back Length: 86cm
Cropped Blouse RM730.00
Cropped blouse with mid-length sleeves. Motif: Barelok Loteng Color: Green Accessories & Pants not included Size: Chest: 86cm Back Length: 28cm
Jacket RM620.00
Outerwear jacket with buttoned sleeves. Motif: Garis Lotim Color: Brown Dress shirt, scarf & accessories not included. Pants sold separately Size: Chest: 100cm Back Length: 76cm
Jacket RM1,740.00
Outerwear Jacket Motif: Kupu Kupu Color: Cream Dress sold separately.   Size: Chest: 105cm Back Length: 54cm
Long Pants RM175.00
Long trousers Motif: Polos Color: Black Top not included. Outerwear sold separately.   Size: Waist: 76cm Length: 104cm
Men's Shirt RM620.00
Shirt Motif: Garis Lotim Color: Brown Scarf not included.   Size: Chest: 114cm Back Length: 69cm
Unisex Jacket RM0.00
Jacket Motif: Seret Penginang Color: Green Scarf and inner shirt not included Size: Chest: 114cm Backlength: 75cm
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